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Greenplan integrates innovations in renewable energies, passive solar, rainwater harvesting and irrigation, greywater recovery, permaculture, and more. Compared to a conventional residence, your Greenplan home will use less energy, water, and natural resources; will create less waste; will maximize food production based on your family’s lifestyle; and, will be a healthy environment in which to live.

A Greenplan consultation can include hundreds of questions before we create a design that offers features and solutions that are unique to your world, to your site, and to your budget, while caring for the Earth.

Anderson Residence

The beautiful Greenplan Demonstration Home features a two-story passive solar sunspace (ideal as a heat source and to grow olives and tropical fruits), daylighting, a solar hot water system, greywater recycling, a 400-gallon rainwater harvesting and irrigation system, energy- and water-efficient appliances, and food production at all levels including the rooftop garden.

DiCastri Cabin

This seismically designed vacation home allows for spectacular waterfront views through its massive window system. It features a specially designed stone fireplace that provides both passive solar thermal mass and excellent heat radiation.

Fryer Residence

This 2500 sq. ft. home features a two-storey passive solar sunspace that draws heat into the home’s interior while providing an ideal environment for tropicals. It employs an abundance of natural wood and includes two large, circular windows that overlook the ocean.

Lakeside Residence

This 3000 sq. ft. estate home integrates the prominent use of natural wood and stone finishing, and relies extensively on renewable energy. The passive solar design is augmented by a central clearstory window package to maximize natural light.

Skylapsky Cabin

This limited footprint off-the-grid cabin runs on solar power with a backup generator. It features passive solar design, ample natural lighting, and rainwater collection and filtration systems for its water supply. The unique asymetrical windows and barrel roof over the kitchen give this vacation home its one-of-a-kind character.

Bingham Cabin

Completely off-the-grid, this stunning post-and-beam cabin is solar powered (with a backup generator), and includes a complete rainwater catchment and purification system. The east/southeast face enables heating through passive solar gain and a wood stove backup.

Versendaal Cabin

This completely off-the-grid waterfront cabin is built on a limited footprint to meet the local zoning bylaw restrictions in its community. It features a rainwater collection system and photovoltaics, and is designed with an open southfacing layout to capture eastern views and southern sun.

Thomsen Residence

This house was designed for Volker Thomsen, one of Canada’s leading experts on sustainability, as an urban homestead to optimize energy and food security.  Dramatic south-side exposure with a two-story sunspace ensures both food production and ample heat supply.

Lussier Residence

This home features a passive solar sunspace for heating and food production, a second story rooftop garden that enjoys stunning valley views, an open stairway concept, and a central kitchen that opens into almost every room in the house.

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