Imagine the neighbourhood of your dreams. What does it look like? Feel like?

What if your dream neighbourhood was considered one of the most ecologically friendly, livable, cost effective, friendly, happy, healthy and resilient communities in the world and set an example for what’s possible internationally? Wouldn’t you feel proud to call such a place home?

Jack Anderson of and Chad Theissen of Futures Forward, invite you to participate in the creation of one of Canada’s first world class sustainable neighbourhoods at on Open House in the Cedar area of Nanaimo, BC, on October 10th at Cedar Community Hall, 2388 Cedar Rd.

This community will have independent self-sustaining systems for water, heat, electrical systems, food production and sewer, plus long term cost savings that benefit both the planet and residents.

Residents will also enjoy the ABCD’S of Living Fully with Activities and Amenities for all Ages that encourage interactive social active living for all residents; Benefits that Bolster Society by living life with purpose; Connection to Community with social and lifelong learning support; Diversity with all levels of education, economics, cultures and ability levels housed in suites of various sizes and finish qualities; and it will be Self Sustaining – with no need for connection to external infrastructure except for communications.

Open House

Thursday, October 10th

Cedar Community Hall
2388 Cedar Rd, Nanaimo

5 pm: Networking
6:30 pm: Q&A and presentation
7:30 pm: Interactive discussion with consultants present

For more information please email