I have been wandering around in the field of green design and sustainable planning for four decades, and have picked up a few insights along the way. These insights have pointed me towards an area of interest that confirms our steadily improving ability to live comfortably with a tiny footprint on this planet.

It is easy to get into a work routine and fill the remaining hours with lots of available and worthy distractions, however, when I think about my grandsons’ future, I’m compelled to gather with those who are like-minded, develop alliances, and share and support great projects to bring greener possibilities and opportunities to the forefront.

Along our travels, we get to cross paths with all kinds of folks from all walks of life. Occasionally someone sticks out their foot. For me, it was the energetic, community connector Frances Litman, who challenged me to speak up. Her vision for all things green, knowledge of the power of communication and ability to educate communities, resulted in me speaking at a special Earth Day presentation on Creating Resilient Green Built Neighbourhoods, which she organized.

Through the medium of this blog, I hope to share all kinds of new innovative technologies that will light up our future. I hope to share my excitement for fantastic inventions and my optimism that we will create a better future.

Collectively we can change attitudes about how we can create human habitat in balance with nature and give our grandchildren hope by using our creativity and imagination with their future in mind.