The community of the future has arrived. A thriving, healthy community integrates sustainable infrastructure, transportation, public health, ecological site development, green buildings, and shared garden spaces.

These compact, wholistic communities encourage pedestrians and cyclists. They are leaders in energy, water, and resource efficiency. And, they include a range of mixed-use residential and commercial spaces that attract and support all members of the community.

Greenplan partners with many professional associates to ensure project success and client satisfaction.

  • Zoning Amendments
  • Variances
  • Development Permits
  • Subdivision


Cherry Point Marina

Cherry Point Marina will be a sustainable seaside residential neighbourhood, a meeting point for the local community, and a destination for ecotourism. Integrating renewable energy systems, permaculture principals, and triple bottom line accounting, it will be a model that sets a precedent for the nature of community building.


O.U.R. Ecovillage

Greenplan worked as an agent with O.U.R. EcoVillage co-founder Brandy Gallagher to complete the precedent-setting zoning amendment that led to Canada’s first EcoVillage. Key to achieving the amendment was to convince regional authorities of the viability of an intentional sustainable community, the ability to showcase it publicly, and the need for it to serve an educational role. O.U.R.  EcoVillage is now a thriving community in Shawnigan Lake, B.C., that offers multiple educational programs each year.


Providence Farm

Greenplan worked directly with the Providence Farm community to develop the community vision and an extensive community concept report. This vision emphasizes a fully integrative social community within a pristine natural environment. It focuses on integrating renewable energy systems, natural building, innovative water conservation features, pedestrial-oriented green streets, permaculture principles and the principles of Universal Design.


St Ann’s Garden Club

This community home for seniors was named best overall winner in the 2009 North Cowichan Community Planning Awards. The building utilized numerous energy efficient elements, including passive solar, the first cob wall in North Cowichan, sensitive design, and materials and finishes that will not impact people with environmental sensitivities. The building, including window frames, was built with lumber from the property that was milled on-site.


Glenora Farm

The group residence at Glenora Farm, which is run by the Ita Wegman Association based on the Camphill Movement, was designed by Greenplan in 2007.  This allergy-sensitive, accessible timber framed house features earthen floors, light clay infill and passive solar design elements.


Valemount Interpretive Centre

Originally slated solely as a peak-season tourist information centre, this multipurpose facility is open year-round and also integrates community gathering spaces, Council Chambers and meeting rooms. The design capitalizes on the spectacular views of Mt. Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the Premier Ranges glaciers. Previously a service station, Greenplan embarked on habitat restoration to revitalize the brownfield. Solar panels provide the building’s hot water.


Valemount Entices Tourists With New Visitor Information Centre


Homalco Child Development Centre

The Early Childhood Care Centre for the Homalco First Nation was designed for infant to school-aged children, and was sensitive to those with special needs such as FASD and Autism. Greenplan worked closely with specialists in this field who were hired by the Band.


Salmon Beach

Greenplan handled the zoning amendment that made this off-the-grid recreational community a reality. In this distinctly ecosensitive region, Greenplan successfully drove consensus in order to bring the regional district, the developer and the wider community together. These vacation homes rely on photovoltaics (with backup generators), and are designed with limited footprints to meet zoning bylaws. To date, Greenplan has designed 21 cabins at Salmon Beach.